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What is Vedanta?

What is Vedanta?

Vedanta is a simple, supremely satisfying, peaceful way of life. Vedanta leads to enrichment, fulfilment and bliss.

Vedanta is a Sanskrit word. It means, "Completeness."

You have tremendous powers and capabilities. But you think you are incomplete, you are sinner, you are weak, you are helpless, etc.

Why? Asks Vedanta. Vedanta shows you the way to bring out all your powers.

“Vedanta is the assertion of freedom always. We say that it is freedom that we are to seek, and that that freedom is God. Real happiness is God. Love is God, freedom is God. And everything that is bondage is not God. We are lions in sheep's clothing or habit. We are hypnotised into weakness by our surroundings. And the province of Vedanta is the self-dehypnotisation. The goal to be reached is freedom.”

We have to free ourselves from this miserable dream that we are these bodies. We must know the truth, "I am He".  We are not drops to fall into the ocean and be lost; each one is the whole, infinite ocean, and will know it when released from the fetters of illusion. Infinity cannot be divided, the "One without a second" can have no second, all is that One.

Swami Vivekananda




Is Vedanta for you?

Vedanta is a universal ideal. It is the culmination of all knowledge. Vedanta places the plain facts of the universe and ourselves before us. Vedanta teaches us that we are not weak, sinful, limited human beings. We are all-powerful. Vedanta informs us that we can achieve anything. All capacity, all power, all bliss, is within us. Vedanta says: "All capacity is within you! Wake up!"

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Rational, Scientific and For Everyone of all Races and Ages:
This is Vedanta

Vedanta does not ask you to believe in anything. It shows you the reality behind the false curtain. That is, Vedanta removes false notions, superstitions, etc and brings in the truth. Vedanta opens our eyes to Reality at all levels.

Are Vedanta and Advaita the same?

No, they are not. For instance, Science and physics are not the same, because Physics is a branch of science.

So also Vedanta is the tree and Advaita is a branch. Vedanta contains everything.

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Nicola Tesla and Vedanta

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Where can you learn more about Vedanta?

At the Centre of Vedanta in Holland

Ramakrishna Vedanta Vereniging Nederland
Rijksweg 141, 9423PA, Hoogersmilde

Ramakrishna Vedanta Society [Vereniging] is a branch of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission of India.
The Vedanta Society [Vereniging] is located in a serene and peaceful place in the north of Holland.
A spiritual place for peace and quietening the mind. You, your family and friends are always welcome!
The Vedanta Centre conducts daily adoration, occasional spiritual retreats, workshops, study, festivals, etc.

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Attractions Around Hoogersmilde


Hunebedden are stone age burial grounds. Hunebedden are in Borger, near Assen. The dolmens are stone burial chambers in the Northern Netherlands (in particular Drenthe) in which several people were buried. The deceased were given food and drink in jars, as well as tools, weapons and jewelry. The dolmens come from the New Stone Age, about 5,000 years ago (3,400 – 2,850 BC). The Dutch dolmens were built in the period between 3,400-3,200 BC.


Dwingelderveld National Park is the largest wet heath area in Western Europe. It has been designated a Natura 2000 site. You will find rare animals and plants here.


Near the Villa Park is Geithoorn, an amazing tourist attraction.

Villa Park De Weerribben

Villa Park de Weerribben is the national park, located in the nature-rich Kop van Overijssel, hidden between greenery and water. With their thatched roofs, the villas blend into the environment, are detached and have a large garden. At the park, enjoy a splash with the children in the heated swimming pool with paddling pool and play a game of tennis or jeu-de-boules together. It is fun for young and old.



Online Magazine

Vedanta Vani

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The Voice of Vedanta

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Vedanta Vani


Rooms for Stay

Come and spend some days in the serene atmosphere of the Centre.

We have rooms for you to stay.

Want to spend some days in peace and higher thoughts? There are rooms. You can come and stay here.




How to visit the Vedanta Centre of Holland?

You are welcome!

By car, around 30 minutes from Meppel, Steenwijk, Groningen, etc. It's 45 minutes from Zwolle.
Just 2 hours and 15 minutes' drive from Eindhoven.
Just three hours' drive from Cologne, five hours from Frankfurt,and just 3 hours from Antwerp, Belgium.
Public transport is easy. You come from any location to Steenwijk or Assen. Take Bus 20. Get down at Spiersbrug Bus Stop.

Please contact us before arriving.

Call us at :0310 592 865 283
or send an email to this ID



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Our Team

Swami Sunirmalananda [President]

Mary Saaleman  [Vice-President]

Chittabrata Saha [Secretary]

Vishambhar Nath Pandey [Treasurer]

Aditi Engel

Ashish Mangla

Bhavya Mihira

Hugo van Doorn

Pramit Chaudhuri

Parth Upadhyay

Suchismita Deb

Advisor: Corne van Nijhuis


Contact us

Swami Sunirmalananda

Ramakrishna Vedanta Vereniging
Rijksweg 141, 9423PA
Hoogersmilde The Netherlands